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  1. sat6oct2018: Dreams at the limit
  2. sat29sep2018: Poker Hands
  3. thu13sep2018: Self-similar tile-map
  4. tue11sep2018: Self-exemplifying chess pieces
  5. tue11oct2016: Against Liquid Democracy
  6. mon26sep2016: Formal Real Estate
  7. mon26sep2016: London Review of Books
  8. fri23sep2016: Ode to Elevate
  9. fri23sep2016: Collective Intellligence For Democracy
  10. thu22sep2016: Snapchat Map
  11. mon19sep2016: What money promises
  12. sun18sep2016: Automation makes quantities subjective
  13. sat17sep2016: Δ 17-day delta
  14. mon12sep2016: Theory as music
  15. fri9sep2016: Prisma as visual music
  16. wed7sep2016: Yippies & May 68
  17. tue6sep2016: Technology in politics
  18. mon5sep2016: The Singularity
  19. sun4sep2016: Word-boundaries across languages
  20. sat3sep2016: Brexit
  21. fri2sep2016: A fallibilist approach to time management
  22. fri2sep2016: Smart, strange, creative, curious, alive, emotive
  23. thu1sep2016: The last third of 2016
  24. sun30oct2011: Joyful work & sad loneliness
  25. thu15sep2011: I would like my act to be as weird, as jet, as festival
  26. sat23apr2011: A new desk
  27. tue10aug2010: Justice, force
  28. fri9jul2010: Doodled thoughts on learning
  29. sat13mar2010: Why find someone?
  30. mon15feb2010: This morning, this is Mexico
  31. thu11feb2010: I believe in this
  32. thu11feb2010: The day I got deported
  33. sat6feb2010: Reality is broken
  34. mon1feb2010: Blessing
  35. sat30jan2010: I'm tired of my artist friends
  36. mon25jan2010: Sam Walton's story
  37. tue19jan2010: Google vs. China
  38. tue12jan2010: Table highlows
  39. mon11jan2010: Mixtecs
  40. fri1jan2010: Family green-cards for $500,000 (in public works investment)
  41. fri1jan2010: the price of 1 liter
  42. thu24dec2009: Traditions
  43. sun13dec2009: the value of your life in Big Macs
  44. mon7dec2009: Does anyone know how these graphs are called?
  45. mon7dec2009: this hybrid: a hole-wall, often called a door
  46. mon30nov2009: Phones in Japan
  47. fri27nov2009: pensar escribiendo
  48. sat21nov2009: Chiba
  49. sat21nov2009: Meritocracy
  50. mon16nov2009: The Web is mainstream.
  51. mon16nov2009: Attention trumps experience
  52. fri13nov2009: Quick, harpoon'em before they become extinct!
  53. thu12nov2009: The Dream
  54. sun8nov2009: flying
  55. wed21oct2009: Just another Thai meal
  56. tue20oct2009: Post-symbolic communication viral for Google Wave
  57. tue20oct2009: Thinking through Google
  58. sun16aug2009: Infant gourmet
  59. wed12aug2009: Onwards
  60. wed12aug2009: Spain recap
  61. sat8aug2009: Scratch Interface (!)
  62. sun19jul2009: the fringes are the reward
  63. sun19jul2009: Our rock stars aren't like your rock stars
  64. sat18jul2009: We are as gods
  65. wed15jul2009: The end of my trip around the world
  66. sun12jul2009: HARPOON: Own your tweets, back them up, search them, plain-text them...
  67. sun12jul2009: Japanese & Spanish "scorned woman" songs
  68. sat11jul2009: 2035's µmpc
  69. sat11jul2009: Seasteading
  70. mon6jul2009: The shortest route to the good life
  71. sat27jun2009: Medusa math
  72. sat27jun2009: Icons on Arts & Letters Daily
  73. sat27jun2009: More false opposites
  74. tue23jun2009: this is how we will talk after symbols
  75. thu18jun2009: Lift France 09 participants
  76. tue16jun2009: .03 release of The Economist reader!
  77. thu11jun2009: Backbars on social link-sites
  78. tue9jun2009: ...I'm getting the hang of how to live!
  79. mon8jun2009: Pirate Party enters European Parliament, China to force censoring software on PCs
  80. mon8jun2009: Reader: Economist
  81. sat6jun2009: An Intimate History of Humanity
  82. sat6jun2009: Google Street View ever more shockingly good
  83. sat6jun2009: Lisbon has the world's best hostels
  84. fri5jun2009: Wikipedia Backbars
  85. mon18may2009: Wolfram Alpha lives!
  86. sun3may2009: Some possible reasons why people earn differently in different places
  87. sun12apr2009: 4 oportunidades internacionales para Mexicanos
  88. sun12apr2009: Dude, I love this country
  89. thu19mar2009: On romance, tangentially
  90. fri6mar2009: Credit Crisis visualized
  91. sat21feb2009: Elegance & quantified selfhood
  92. fri20feb2009: Quantity vs. Quality
  93. wed18feb2009: Examples of truly great nonfiction in languages other than English?
  94. thu12feb2009: Book chapters
  95. thu12feb2009: To Darwin
  96. wed4feb2009: On Chinese writing
  97. thu29jan2009: ...I'm starting to feel like...
  98. wed28jan2009: clockwise = rightcenter, counterclockwise = leftcenter
  99. wed28jan2009: All back'd up!
  100. tue27jan2009: Something changed, ...
  101. tue27jan2009: Light and sound, light as sound
  102. mon26jan2009: OCR-ing captchas with client-side (Javascript!) neural networks
  103. sun25jan2009: For Sergio and Gwyn--and, frankly, for future me
  104. sat24jan2009: Starkly, selelectively nude, mecha-chimeric, cop femme
  105. fri23jan2009: No such thing as inauthentic experiences & coffee as a commodity, a good, a service and a experience
  106. tue20jan2009: Obama's start speech
  107. sun18jan2009: Wittgensteinisms
  108. sun18jan2009: Thought as crowning
  109. sun18jan2009: What would change everything?
  110. wed14jan2009: Insomnia
  111. wed14jan2009: Cameras as (photographic) memory modules
  112. wed14jan2009: I've seen the future, thru a head-display!
  113. mon12jan2009: "Not your grandfather's ice tray"
  114. fri2jan2009: Axe effect discovered true, sort of
  115. thu1jan2009: Korea, one-week impressions
  116. mon29dec2008: Thoughts for the new year
  117. sun30nov2008: Mumbai
  118. sat29nov2008: Requiem
  119. wed19nov2008: Cells have tendrils!
  120. mon17nov2008: From living in a hostel I can tell you...
  121. sun16nov2008: Japan, first impressions
  122. sat15nov2008: Couple more interesting kanjis
  123. fri14nov2008: Some interesting basic kanjis
  124. sat8nov2008: Data collapse
  125. fri31oct2008: =>1 city I like => as SF
  126. thu23oct2008: a theory of finance
  127. sat18oct2008: Bling a development phase
  128. sun5oct2008: If ever on a desert island...
  129. sat4oct2008: On the time-binding nature of writing
  130. fri3oct2008: No-need-to-spam-your-friends ad
  131. wed1oct2008: Technology is the exercise of love
  132. tue30sep2008: Why is there something rather than nothing?
  133. mon29sep2008: Let's (Not) Change the World!
  134. sun28sep2008: 9/11
  135. sat27sep2008: Mind Children, 2 excerpts
  136. fri26sep2008: Chimera fetish
  137. wed24sep2008: Pies
  138. tue23sep2008: Itinerary
  139. thu18sep2008: Around the world for ~$2k
  140. wed17sep2008: Lehman
  141. mon15sep2008: The Stem-Cell Cancer Hypothesis
  142. sun14sep2008: Fuck off
  143. sat13sep2008: Round circles
  144. thu11sep2008: The Plan: Have Laptop, Will Travel
  145. wed10sep2008: Aftermath
  146. wed10sep2008: LHC rap
  147. sun31aug2008: Stunde Null, Part 3
  148. sat30aug2008: Stunde Null, Part 2
  149. fri29aug2008: Stunde Null, Part 1
  150. thu28aug2008: Deported!
  151. fri1aug2008: the meme that made me take memes seriously
  152. fri1aug2008: Eagle
  153. thu31jul2008: Acne
  154. mon28jul2008: House as vehicle
  155. wed16jul2008: the beginning of the beginning
  156. sat12jul2008: the purpose of life is life
  157. sat12jul2008: Conversation's secret
  158. sat12jul2008: Ethics is the priorization of itches
  159. sat12jul2008: philosophical haiku
  160. sat12jul2008: Schismatrix Plus
  161. sat12jul2008: Tonight Radio
  162. sat12jul2008: Media rooms
  163. sat12jul2008: On Stuff
  164. tue17jun2008: What's an economist?
  165. tue17jun2008: What is free trade?
  166. wed11jun2008: Distribution star ratings
  167. tue10jun2008: The two kinds of decay
  168. tue10jun2008: Of tic-tac-toe and infodesign
  169. sat31may2008: 3 ARG samples
  170. fri30may2008: Unfancily useful info viz
  171. fri30may2008: Interactive softporn
  172. fri30may2008: Why are far things small?
  173. thu22may2008: Standing bike
  174. thu22may2008: Red
  175. thu15may2008: huzzah
  176. fri9may2008: omg!
  177. tue29apr2008: This is math
  178. tue29apr2008: People are assets not liabilities
  179. tue29apr2008: Certainty is an emotion
  180. tue29apr2008: the net will catch us
  181. tue29apr2008: Dedication
  182. tue29apr2008: OMFG
  183. sun20apr2008: Networking
  184. thu10apr2008: How to steal email passwords
  185. thu10apr2008: Split is the new short
  186. wed9apr2008: Little brother
  187. mon7apr2008: Potentiality
  188. mon7apr2008: Lovers
  189. sun6apr2008: 50 cents
  190. sun6apr2008: and no one kills more pets than pet owners
  191. mon31mar2008: 3 goals in life
  192. mon31mar2008: Fizz
  193. mon31mar2008: The Freebie League
  194. sun30mar2008: My 1st SuperHappyDevHouse
  195. sun30mar2008: My 1st SuperHappyDevHouse
  196. sun30mar2008: 3 goals in life
  197. thu27mar2008: Steve Omohundro's Talk
  198. thu27mar2008: Fuck it!
  199. tue25mar2008: PicLens
  200. tue25mar2008: Where
  201. tue25mar2008: Run for your life!
  202. fri21mar2008: The unseemly meddley I call dinner
  203. fri21mar2008: Delta no more!
  204. sat9feb2008: How I want to live
  205. mon4feb2008: Unexpected
  206. sun3feb2008: Beachhead
  207. mon28jan2008: I'd rather
  208. sun27jan2008: Could
  209. sat26jan2008: Underdevelopement
  210. sat26jan2008: Physics textbook
  211. sat26jan2008: Visual metaphor
  212. fri25jan2008: Luck
  213. fri18jan2008: Almost beyond imagining
  214. fri18jan2008: elzr.com +tags +email
  215. thu17jan2008: You killed him, you killed him...
  216. thu17jan2008: Why you should get up in the morning even if you believe in fate
  217. thu17jan2008: How to be [smart, charming, fit, thin, happy...]
  218. mon14jan2008: G'bye Big Music
  219. sat12jan2008: Juan Alazan
  220. sat12jan2008: Yo soy un pozo de rencor
  221. sat5jan2008: that insolent wallowing
  222. fri4jan2008: Nothing like technology to pick the high-hanging fruit
  223. wed2jan2008: A 1000 years from now...
  224. sat15dec2007: Randomly ahead clock
  225. fri14dec2007: a name that fits
  226. fri14dec2007: indifference
  227. wed12dec2007: syntax across (programming) languages
  228. wed12dec2007: the weirdest thing...
  229. tue11dec2007: 28% of world population <= 14 years
  230. mon10dec2007: 2 fantastic med sites
  231. mon10dec2007: Get gay in a jiffy
  232. sun9dec2007: SeeqPod
  233. sun9dec2007: Postsymbolic happiness
  234. sat8dec2007: Quants
  235. sat8dec2007: the-language-this-word-belongs-to
  236. thu6dec2007: Brain damaged
  237. thu6dec2007: Que puta..?
  238. thu6dec2007: Certainty
  239. thu6dec2007: Interface is to the web what space is to the physical world
  240. thu6dec2007: Very
  241. thu6dec2007: Raspberry
  242. wed5dec2007: Makeshift walkstation
  243. sat24nov2007: Beating the odds
  244. thu22nov2007: A piece of Peirce
  245. thu22nov2007: Genders <= 2? Why?
  246. wed31oct2007: How to bring peace to Israel and Palestine
  247. fri26oct2007: How to shoot at someone who outdrew you
  248. thu25oct2007: Automatic interfaces
  249. thu25oct2007: The simplest way to do the Turing boogie
  250. sun21oct2007: Mexico's economic structure
  251. tue16oct2007: Beyond books
  252. mon15oct2007: Democracy vs. Capitalism, II
  253. sun14oct2007: 6 intriguing books I haven't yet read
  254. sun14oct2007: Abejita Libertaria
  255. sun14oct2007: Formist comic of the year
  256. sun14oct2007: La Tapatia
  257. sat13oct2007: WD-50, food as an art-form
  258. sat13oct2007: David Elsewhere
  259. sat13oct2007: The Opposite of Kevin
  260. sat13oct2007: Google killed the crossword puzzle
  261. wed10oct2007: Rain stories
  262. wed10oct2007: So be it
  263. mon8oct2007: Faster translating
  264. mon8oct2007: Google Maps now streetmaps Guadalajara!
  265. sun7oct2007: Statetris
  266. sun7oct2007: Most of the time
  267. sun7oct2007: Forget Magritte
  268. sun7oct2007: Movement is the actualization of potentiality
  269. sun7oct2007: Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth
  270. sat6oct2007: Jewlist
  271. sat6oct2007: Distilled McCarthy
  272. sat6oct2007: Food or Sex?
  273. sat6oct2007: "..as though art were all about self-expression rather than artifice."
  274. sat6oct2007: Thick and strong
  275. tue25sep2007: Leeloo
  276. fri21sep2007: Survey: Do you know what's a decision matrix?
  277. fri21sep2007: Marketing Challenge
  278. mon13aug2007: Self
  279. mon13aug2007: Consciousness, a test
  280. mon13aug2007: Simple ways to do good: Free your photos
  281. mon13aug2007: A journey of a thousand miles
  282. sun12aug2007: Civil
  283. thu9aug2007: Sandia Season
  284. thu9aug2007: Where there are peaks there are valleys...
  285. fri27jul2007: Online resizing
  286. fri27jul2007: Of iPhones and Hindu villagers
  287. fri27jul2007: Twitter/Kottke
  288. fri27jul2007: Steak water
  289. fri27jul2007: When one doesn't know how to fuck...
  290. tue24jul2007: Resume
  291. mon23jul2007: In defense of metaphor
  292. fri20jul2007: Why does Starbucks stand huddling yet alone?
  293. fri13jul2007: All improv'd daily's
  294. thu12jul2007: jQuery is the first truly great JS app
  295. thu12jul2007: Espanhol llano
  296. tue10jul2007: A news story on Toki Pona
  297. fri6jul2007: HyperScript
  298. thu5jul2007: You move on
  299. mon25jun2007: Jolly Giant Carstens
  300. sat23jun2007: Game
  301. fri22jun2007: Streetside view
  302. fri22jun2007: Improv'd Daily! (PLBRS, Uruban)
  303. thu21jun2007: Our hearts cry out
  304. thu21jun2007: use me: massage me in nicely. feel richer already. then rinse. hey, I see you smiling.
  305. thu21jun2007: High window
  306. wed20jun2007: Never Ending Flickr
  307. wed20jun2007: Ani Castillo
  308. wed20jun2007: I know why manga are so good
  309. tue19jun2007: PapiLuis
  310. tue19jun2007: Mango Medusa!
  311. wed16may2007: Glorious nights
  312. mon14may2007: The Dolphin Game
  313. mon14may2007: Spacing!
  314. mon14may2007: Tiger, bird, man
  315. sat12may2007: Fair Ellen
  316. fri11may2007: Spanish songs
  317. fri11may2007: States
  318. fri11may2007: Improv'd Daily! (domburi, notreality)
  319. thu10may2007: Evolutionary Question
  320. wed9may2007: Improv'd Daily! (elzr)
  321. mon7may2007: The Bayeaux Tapestry--Animated
  322. sun6may2007: Shonda Rhimes in Time's list of 100 most influential people
  323. fri4may2007: Ooh Aah
  324. wed2may2007: On Definitions
  325. wed25apr2007: Faith in facedesign
  326. wed25apr2007: Alien life
  327. wed25apr2007: Poll
  328. wed25apr2007: Cryptoanarchy is the shit
  329. tue24apr2007: Some definitions
  330. tue24apr2007: Synthetic Synesthesias
  331. sun22apr2007: A citizenship of one's own
  332. sun22apr2007: 3 current infatuations
  333. sun22apr2007: Blackstone
  334. sun22apr2007: 3 legs
  335. sun22apr2007: Slices
  336. sun22apr2007: German Most Frequently Reported Ancestry in the US
  337. fri20apr2007: TEDtalks
  338. fri20apr2007: The billion dollar porn industry
  339. fri20apr2007: Fototour Tapatio 2
  340. fri20apr2007: Edgar
  341. fri20apr2007: Click, Shift-Click selections
  342. fri20apr2007: Mi kredas je la bono.
  343. thu19apr2007: Wikipedia Popups
  344. thu19apr2007: Hyper-stylized vector girls kissing
  345. wed18apr2007: No www
  346. wed18apr2007: English Monarchs
  347. thu22mar2007: Science Map
  348. wed21mar2007: World of constraints, world of choices
  349. tue20mar2007: Economic Self-sufficiency
  350. mon19mar2007: Courage
  351. mon19mar2007: Fex--a maybe pointless but surely droll neologism (a drollogism!)
  352. sun18mar2007: My Will
  353. fri16mar2007: Why read The Economist
  354. fri16mar2007: Location Shifitng
  355. mon12mar2007: 'Tsall good
  356. sun11mar2007: 3 Sightings
  357. sat10mar2007: Back and Forth: the endlessly recursive joke
  358. fri9mar2007: 3 NYT Essays
  359. thu8mar2007: It worked!
  360. thu8mar2007: Fear
  361. wed7mar2007: Louvre's Canopy
  362. fri2mar2007: Logo URLs
  363. fri2mar2007: New PokeCalendar(io)!
  364. tue27feb2007: That French Noblewoman
  365. mon26feb2007: Happy my birthday to you
  366. sun25feb2007: Tarugos
  367. sun25feb2007: In an age when Flickr has commoditized beauty (if not art itself)
  368. sat24feb2007: I don't even like Star Trek
  369. sat24feb2007: Fashion Dyptich
  370. sun18feb2007: Crisscross multiplying
  371. sun18feb2007: On Freedom
  372. sat17feb2007: Dragonball
  373. sat17feb2007: Buy LITs instead of PDFs
  374. sat17feb2007: Photoshop's slider labels
  375. sat17feb2007: Find-as-you-write
  376. thu15feb2007: The Machine
  377. tue13feb2007: Mexican convulsions
  378. tue13feb2007: Wikipedia as a translator of nouns
  379. tue13feb2007: 3 design curiosities
  380. tue13feb2007: In defense of malls' parking fees
  381. tue13feb2007: More on post-symbolic communication
  382. tue13feb2007: What would you do?
  383. tue13feb2007: Four overheards
  384. mon12feb2007: Two prodigies
  385. mon12feb2007: The bracing, relentless patter of idiots
  386. mon12feb2007: Small interaction design improvement for Google
  387. mon12feb2007: Of iPhones and some beautiful forms
  388. mon12feb2007: Money epiphany
  389. mon12feb2007: The most amazing thing about the web
  390. sun11feb2007: Faith in the quirky interweb
  391. sun11feb2007: Firework
  392. fri9feb2007: Brilliant tooltip
  393. fri9feb2007: Prosti-tots
  394. fri9feb2007: Thoughts on music
  395. mon5feb2007: Massively multiplayer (physical) games
  396. mon5feb2007: Time Tulips
  397. mon5feb2007: A mas como, menos por que
  398. sun4feb2007: Edge
  399. sun4feb2007: Melange Mussel Larvae
  400. fri2feb2007: My Parents
  401. fri2feb2007: Laissez Faire
  402. thu1feb2007: You are five degrees away from Natalie Portman
  403. thu1feb2007: Happy, tiny Gmail tip
  404. wed31jan2007: Firenight
  405. wed31jan2007: Guadalajara 2007 First Flickr Phototour
  406. tue30jan2007: My Calendar Proposal
  407. fri26jan2007: Santorini
  408. fri26jan2007: Alice Lakwena
  409. tue23jan2007: The First Decade
  410. sun21jan2007: Infodesign challenge
  411. fri19jan2007: Fake quotes from a feverishly capitalistic mind
  412. fri19jan2007: Color Globe Experiment
  413. thu18jan2007: Wolfram & Feynman
  414. thu18jan2007: Feynman & The Antikythera
  415. wed17jan2007: Enso
  416. wed17jan2007: Rand & Feynman
  417. wed17jan2007: The Secret World of lonelygirl
  418. wed17jan2007: Kevin! (And Brian!)
  419. wed17jan2007: Little Miss Sunshine
  420. wed17jan2007: A better Excuse
  421. wed17jan2007: Guess what language
  422. wed17jan2007: The TTOEFL: The Turing Test of English as a Foreign Language
  423. tue16jan2007: My very first webcomic: Excuse
  424. tue16jan2007: Crocs!
  425. tue16jan2007: Jicama!
  426. tue16jan2007: It's not the post, but the sequence
  427. tue16jan2007: Blogs are comics (wikis are movies)
  428. thu4jan2007: Finally, a mac!
  429. mon25dec2006: I wish you a sushi Christmas!
  430. mon25dec2006: Scott Adams can write
  431. thu14dec2006: A liquid female condom that solidifies inside and melts with semen
  432. tue12dec2006: Tact
  433. sat9dec2006: On the structure of morality
  434. sat9dec2006: Postrel interviews Dyson (10 years ago, but still)
  435. fri8dec2006: Aristotle
  436. fri8dec2006: Global Wealth Distribution
  437. fri8dec2006: 37% cree que hubo fraude
  438. thu7dec2006: Hypocrisy
  439. thu7dec2006: Aristotle & The Gap
  440. wed6dec2006: Inventors
  441. wed6dec2006: Dear old Grandma June
  442. tue5dec2006: Flooding
  443. sat2dec2006: Anorexia
  444. sat2dec2006: The $100 laptop
  445. fri24nov2006: The Friedmans
  446. tue21nov2006: Fantastica Tela de Excelencia
  447. wed15nov2006: Serious
  448. sun5nov2006: 63 reasons for reading The Machinery of Freedom
  449. tue31oct2006: The Fountain
  450. tue31oct2006: Oodles of people and bytes
  451. mon30oct2006: Strip Tease
  452. sat28oct2006: 21 Treats from far across the wide web world
  453. fri27oct2006: Scan this Book!
  454. fri27oct2006: Firefox 2!
  455. thu26oct2006: Nintendo
  456. thu26oct2006: Yahoo!
  457. wed25oct2006: Acquaintances
  458. wed25oct2006: Long, stupid night
  459. fri20oct2006: Options
  460. fri20oct2006: One piece of sound words
  461. wed18oct2006: I would
  462. tue17oct2006: Money Medics
  463. mon16oct2006: A Guilty Pleasure
  464. mon16oct2006: Civil Wedding
  465. sat14oct2006: On Sharing
  466. thu5oct2006: Rondam
  467. thu5oct2006: Machine-phase
  468. wed27sep2006: SongMeanings
  469. tue26sep2006: Sakura
  470. sun24sep2006: Technology & Marketing
  471. sun24sep2006: Coffee & Tejatli
  472. sun24sep2006: Every Simpsons, Futurama & South Park episode online
  473. sat23sep2006: Translators as Doctors
  474. fri22sep2006: KinKey
  475. thu21sep2006: I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by pejesque delusion
  476. tue19sep2006: IIBB: Limpiaparabrisas
  477. tue19sep2006: Fruity
  478. sat16sep2006: Good design
  479. sat16sep2006: Googleseeding
  480. sat16sep2006: Was that a non sequitur?
  481. sat16sep2006: What is media, what is literacy, and other Rushkoff ramblings
  482. thu14sep2006: One Ring
  483. thu14sep2006: Currently somewhere just a bit after panic and sleep deprivation but just a bit before full, outright epiphany
  484. thu14sep2006: La ZMG tiene 4 millones de habitantes
  485. thu14sep2006: Feynman is smart as in "as in Feynman-smart"
  486. wed13sep2006: Incremental search will change your life
  487. wed13sep2006: Making a guitar in virtual reality
  488. wed13sep2006: WhuffieRank
  489. tue12sep2006: Time-lapse software
  490. sun10sep2006: Blogging "Blogging for dollars" for dollars
  491. sun10sep2006: Google's Mechanical Turk
  492. sun10sep2006: Google Finance
  493. sun10sep2006: It happened
  494. sun10sep2006: 3 new eemadges
  495. sun10sep2006: It's over
  496. sun10sep2006: 100% Cotton
  497. sun10sep2006: Modeless & Monotonous
  498. fri8sep2006: Tentacles, hentai, incest, coprophagia, necrophilia, masturbation, bukkake, you name it
  499. fri8sep2006: Deep software
  500. fri8sep2006: I'm really, really, really excited
  501. fri8sep2006: butt-crack is the new cleavage
  502. fri8sep2006: same here
  503. fri8sep2006: The annotated work spaces pool
  504. fri8sep2006: Skepticism
  505. fri8sep2006: Grapes, Gouda & Birote...
  506. fri8sep2006: Why would a deaf be a good cook?
  507. fri8sep2006: Happy Birthday Rails!
  508. thu7sep2006: gotta have Faith
  509. thu7sep2006: What could be
  510. thu7sep2006: The Physical Impossibility of Life in the Mind of Someone Dead
  511. thu7sep2006: Berry & Books
  512. thu7sep2006: Starsea
  513. wed6sep2006: What is a decision?
  514. wed6sep2006: Conceptual Algebra
  515. wed6sep2006: Usabilly
  516. wed6sep2006: A survey of 4 McKinsey articles
  517. tue5sep2006: Citations in Imagery
  518. sun3sep2006: The Humane Interface
  519. sun3sep2006: complaining is silly: act or forget
  520. sat2sep2006: Slovakian Imagery
  521. thu31aug2006: Flickr's Breakthrough
  522. thu31aug2006: Bizarre Yahoo! Ad
  523. thu31aug2006: Effortless
  524. wed30aug2006: Naggy Nonags
  525. wed30aug2006: I love the University
  526. wed30aug2006: A few adjectives
  527. wed30aug2006: Idiomatic like is, like, complex
  528. wed30aug2006: Why's the background white?
  529. wed30aug2006: What's your epithet?
  530. wed30aug2006: In praise of a confirmation email
  531. tue29aug2006: The Chance Causality of Talent
  532. tue29aug2006: Fuck Net "Neutrality"
  533. tue29aug2006: Today's Reading: The Power of Productivity
  534. tue29aug2006: Kevin!
  535. mon28aug2006: Martha 48
  536. thu24aug2006: Exhausta, no aburrida
  537. thu24aug2006: Oh Arachne!
  538. thu24aug2006: Imagery Review
  539. thu24aug2006: Saturday Night
  540. thu24aug2006: Typographic Divertimento
  541. tue22aug2006: Memento Mori
  542. sun20aug2006: Pedias
  543. sun20aug2006: Xenofoba Xenofilia
  544. sun20aug2006: Same thing, two opinions
  545. sun20aug2006: Show, not tell (but then again, sometimes do tell)
  546. sun20aug2006: Silly Happy
  547. sat19aug2006: Ambient Findability
  548. sat19aug2006: Faithful Writing
  549. sat19aug2006: On Premarital Sex
  550. sat19aug2006: Equal parts fascinating and funny
  551. sat19aug2006: Google Maps & Bracket Notation
  552. fri18aug2006: Aza Raskin
  553. fri18aug2006: 10th dimension
  554. fri18aug2006: Why are hyperlinks underlined?
  555. fri18aug2006: Origami Degrees
  556. thu17aug2006: Today's Reading: An Interview with Edward R. Tufte
  557. wed16aug2006: Hope, not fear
  558. wed16aug2006: 82 years
  559. wed16aug2006: Today's Reading: Why I Write
  560. wed16aug2006: Every taste is an acquired taste.
  561. wed16aug2006: Seed Mag
  562. wed16aug2006: Insolent Future Prophecy
  563. wed16aug2006: Damn, I want Quicksilver!
  564. wed16aug2006: Quote Collages
  565. wed16aug2006: Visual Complexity
  566. wed16aug2006: Out of this World
  567. wed16aug2006: Our Chinese will still beat their Chinese.
  568. mon14aug2006: There's *always* room for a good compsci quote...
  569. mon14aug2006: Blog is a spelling mistake
  570. mon14aug2006: Bizcochitos de Poder
  571. mon14aug2006: Magic Balls
  572. mon14aug2006: Guard & Default
  573. sun13aug2006: Whoosh
  574. fri11aug2006: Gmail Matrix
  575. fri11aug2006: Como Imprimir a Doble Cara
  576. fri11aug2006: Fraude al desnudo
  577. thu10aug2006: Heh
  578. mon7aug2006: Memetic Alert: Color-changing Whatchamacallit!
  579. mon7aug2006: Abstract design wondering
  580. sun6aug2006: wardrobe 5000
  581. sun6aug2006: cronica de code should be beautiful
  582. fri4aug2006: 3 of 4 women would prefer a new plasma TV to a diamond necklace
  583. fri4aug2006: Simile
  584. fri4aug2006: Google Music
  585. fri4aug2006: 15k
  586. fri4aug2006: The Secret Lives of Numbers
  587. fri4aug2006: Unexercise
  588. fri4aug2006: Today's Reading: Natural Born Cyborgs
  589. thu3aug2006: Everything's cool
  590. wed2aug2006: Space is time's ultimate interface
  591. wed2aug2006: Linguistic vitality on the web
  592. wed2aug2006: Today's Reading: How I work
  593. wed2aug2006: Office 2007's sweet interface
  594. wed2aug2006: "Ya sabiendo...
  595. wed2aug2006: Wikipedia Statistical Nirvana
  596. tue1aug2006: Worldly Happiness
  597. tue1aug2006: The 2nd BookBatch!
  598. tue1aug2006: Chep's back!
  599. mon31jul2006: Cronica de una caida anunciada
  600. mon31jul2006: An essay on Riya
  601. mon31jul2006: Newfound Blob is Biggest Thing in the Universe
  602. mon31jul2006: A formist stream-of-thought
  603. mon31jul2006: "El dinero es tan corriente...
  604. mon31jul2006: Quote of the day
  605. sun30jul2006: Today's Reading: Marketing Myopia
  606. sat29jul2006: Road Map
  607. fri28jul2006: Bob Parson's 16 Rules
  608. fri28jul2006: The source of all our problems
  609. fri28jul2006: Today's Reading: 26 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs
  610. fri28jul2006: Don't click it!
  611. fri28jul2006: More than one view
  612. thu27jul2006: How to make $50,000 per month
  613. thu27jul2006: A brand new porn world
  614. thu27jul2006: They put process first and product second
  615. thu27jul2006: A small linking meme
  616. thu27jul2006: Design Pattern: Don't enclose
  617. mon24jul2006: Synthesis and Sense-making
  618. mon24jul2006: Germany Is World's Top Exporting Nation
  619. mon24jul2006: Today's Reading: A refutation of socialism in 101 words
  620. mon24jul2006: To be young
  621. sun23jul2006: Visualizing your folders
  622. sun23jul2006: Wallpaper
  623. sun23jul2006: Ladies & gents, the first bookbatch!
  624. sun23jul2006: Si yo tuviera una marca de tequila...
  625. sat22jul2006: the old freak flag
  626. fri21jul2006: Media breakdown
  627. thu20jul2006: Otro dia si quiere usted me pide una entrevista…
  628. thu20jul2006: Morning
  629. thu20jul2006: Cuarto Poder
  630. thu20jul2006: Authority
  631. thu20jul2006: Today's reading: Maybe We Should Leave That Up to the Computer
  632. wed19jul2006: Multifaceted family
  633. wed19jul2006: Abstract, intangible, specialized
  634. wed19jul2006: Undomondo Music Blog
  635. wed19jul2006: Today's reading: The Psychology of Learning
  636. tue18jul2006: Against Net "Neutrality"
  637. tue18jul2006: Life spheres
  638. tue18jul2006: Folksonomic Serendipity
  639. mon17jul2006: La religion galactica
  640. sun16jul2006: Education is taste and skill
  641. sun16jul2006: Fragmentation
  642. sun16jul2006: Bookworm
  643. sun16jul2006: Palabra de Lector: Mama
  644. sat15jul2006: Pronostico del tiempo para los proximos seis años
  645. mon10jul2006: Tip: A nice software for screen captures
  646. mon10jul2006: On the different Wikipedia articles of the 2006 Mexican elections
  647. mon10jul2006: Error en la portada de Publico/Milenio
  648. mon10jul2006: Today's Reading: At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust
  649. sun9jul2006: Media Immersion
  650. sat8jul2006: Gusto les deberia de dar sentirse utiles
  651. tue4jul2006: 3-question test
  652. mon3jul2006: Mi propia vida, que es tan breve
  653. sun2jul2006: Interface Culture
  654. sun2jul2006: We have met the enemy, and it is us
  655. tue27jun2006: Off
  656. mon26jun2006: It's one of those moments
  657. sun25jun2006: Biographer
  658. sun25jun2006: Britney is one tasty goddess
  659. sun25jun2006: Wisdomous
  660. sat24jun2006: Perdi mi vida por ser amable
  661. sat24jun2006: Yehuda Spacified
  662. sat24jun2006: Azureus: 3d View
  663. fri23jun2006: 4 things I believe in
  664. fri23jun2006: The minds believe
  665. thu22jun2006: Treat
  666. thu22jun2006: Gilmore Boy
  667. thu22jun2006: The Timeless Art of Seduction
  668. thu22jun2006: Bizarrerie
  669. thu22jun2006: Un loco efecto domino
  670. thu22jun2006: College
  671. wed21jun2006: Art Singularity
  672. tue20jun2006: The Oldest Game of All
  673. tue20jun2006: Why keep them?
  674. tue20jun2006: Blackboxing is how you do things with computers
  675. tue20jun2006: Today's Reading: The Penfield mood organ
  676. tue20jun2006: Old friends
  677. tue20jun2006: The state of his bathroom
  678. tue20jun2006: Lenguas de jilguero
  679. tue20jun2006: Mis hijos?
  680. tue20jun2006: No puedes corres
  681. tue20jun2006: An easy way to create your own file format
  682. mon19jun2006: Cartoon Death
  683. mon19jun2006: La petite soeur
  684. mon19jun2006: Poca luz
  685. mon19jun2006: Nos lleva el diablo
  686. sun18jun2006: Refranero Mexicano
  687. sun18jun2006: IIBB: June 17, 2006
  688. sun18jun2006: Improving your lot
  689. sun18jun2006: Red Cross Ads
  690. sun18jun2006: Meaningful Bulletpoints
  691. sat17jun2006: Cumplido
  692. sat17jun2006: Leadership is Trust
  693. fri16jun2006: IIBB: June 16, 2006
  694. fri16jun2006: child-like wonderment and energy
  695. fri16jun2006: One (art) world
  696. thu15jun2006: unsimulated liberty
  697. thu15jun2006: Some domain bashing
  698. thu15jun2006: Is it wrong to find this very arousing?
  699. wed14jun2006: 12/60 Clock
  700. wed14jun2006: This blog is back
  701. sat10jun2006: Imagery, debutante
  702. sat6may2006: Mundo Latino - Stereo Total
  703. sat6may2006: Art, Design, Decoration, Advertising
  704. sat6may2006: Vallarta
  705. thu4may2006: Today's Reading: A Dream So Real
  706. thu4may2006: Yehuda Yudkowsky, 1985-2004; traduccion
  707. wed3may2006: Today's Reading: Yehuda Yudkowsky, 1985-2004
  708. fri28apr2006: Stereo Total!
  709. fri28apr2006: Life Expectancy
  710. fri28apr2006: Felching
  711. wed26apr2006: El debate de Mercado
  712. wed26apr2006: Oriental Symbol Bashing
  713. tue25apr2006: German Dehesa, blogger
  714. mon24apr2006: Today's Reading: Lobsters
  715. mon24apr2006: Eggies in the basket
  716. mon24apr2006: Today's Reading: Funes, the Memorious
  717. mon24apr2006: Tulips!
  718. sun23apr2006: I could be bounded in a nutshell...
  719. sat22apr2006: Today's Reading: Kon'nichi wa, Ruby
  720. fri21apr2006: Today's Reading: The Perry Bible Fellowship
  721. fri21apr2006: Que No Crezca
  722. thu20apr2006: Today's Reading: The giant worm to Saturn
  723. thu20apr2006: Google is useless...
  724. thu20apr2006: Primeval Soup
  725. thu20apr2006: I'm going to marry you
  726. thu20apr2006: Today's Reading: Mejor, la verdad
  727. tue18apr2006: Today's Reading: None So Blind
  728. tue18apr2006: Más vale atole con risas, que chocolate con lágrimas
  729. mon17apr2006: Bloggy cage
  730. mon17apr2006: Because we can
  731. mon17apr2006: A pretty darn good breakfast
  732. mon17apr2006: Are we suddenly christians?
  733. mon17apr2006: Todo pasa, hasta la ciruela pasa
  734. mon17apr2006: If you should bow, bow deeply
  735. fri14apr2006: Ven devórame otra vez
  736. thu13apr2006: RAE y sus acentos
  737. wed12apr2006: Caja Negra... VIVE!
  738. tue11apr2006: Cursi Indulgence
  739. sun9apr2006: Symbolic Systems
  740. fri7apr2006: I'm so tired
  741. thu6apr2006: AT&T
  742. wed5apr2006: Just a small wondering
  743. wed5apr2006: Stanford Singularity Summit
  744. wed5apr2006: Google Analytics
  745. wed5apr2006: Nomic
  746. wed5apr2006: Professor persona
  747. mon3apr2006: Accents
  748. mon3apr2006: childfree
  749. sat1apr2006: Fragments of Life
  750. fri31mar2006: Society is a Neural Net
  751. fri31mar2006: Born too soon
  752. fri31mar2006: Good News
  753. thu30mar2006: What would you do if you sang out of tune?
  754. wed29mar2006: An International Auxlang
  755. wed29mar2006: cps
  756. wed29mar2006: Language Miscegenation
  757. sat25mar2006: Cargo Cult Yoga
  758. thu23mar2006: Cluetrain Teabag
  759. wed22mar2006: Vector
  760. wed22mar2006: Today I'm sad
  761. wed22mar2006: Feliz Primavera!
  762. mon20mar2006: El Libro Monero
  763. sat18mar2006: The First Rule of Mixing Music with the Predixis Mixer
  764. fri17mar2006: Aquel pequeño polemista que todos llevamos dentro
  765. fri17mar2006: Multiplicity of circumstances
  766. thu16mar2006: Destruccion Linguistica
  767. thu16mar2006: Quickie
  768. wed15mar2006: Publica Fealdad
  769. wed15mar2006: Memetic Alert
  770. mon13mar2006: Bloglove
  771. mon13mar2006: My god, it's full of songs!
  772. sun12mar2006: Formists
  773. sun12mar2006: Business
  774. sat11mar2006: Language pondering
  775. sat11mar2006: Nostalgic
  776. sat11mar2006: Happy
  777. sat11mar2006: The Good Ole Occam
  778. fri10mar2006: Baka!
  779. thu9mar2006: Nietzsche
  780. thu9mar2006: Mecano
  781. wed8mar2006: Future Posts
  782. mon6mar2006: March 6 - March 12
  783. fri3mar2006: The soundscape
  784. thu2mar2006: Dragueurs (a sort thereof)
  785. wed1mar2006: Electrocafe
  786. tue28feb2006: How to use Firefox with flair (A guide for non-techies)
  787. tue28feb2006: Blonde Joke
  788. sun26feb2006: Wittypedia
  789. fri24feb2006: Very arousing
  790. fri24feb2006: Hoy tengo ganas de ti...
  791. fri24feb2006: 500 pensamientos sobre la incertidumbre
  792. thu23feb2006: Diamonds are Forever
  793. thu23feb2006: Translation
  794. sun19feb2006: Ayelet Zorer
  795. sat18feb2006: A new way to search images: by arrangement
  796. sat18feb2006: A poster manifesto
  797. sat18feb2006: DHH
  798. sat18feb2006: An each function for JS
  799. fri17feb2006: Not Yet
  800. wed15feb2006: On the language of this blog
  801. mon13feb2006: Seen on an elevator.
  802. sun12feb2006: To veg or not to veg
  803. fri10feb2006: Blogs are open letters
  804. fri10feb2006: Modernity
  805. thu9feb2006: Ghost in the Shell
  806. thu9feb2006: People who get hooked on computers
  807. wed8feb2006: In the beginning...